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Spring Break… or Spring Labor Camp

So, we own the house now!!! No more illegal work on a house we don’t own for Nate and Becky!

We spent our spring break week working on the house, with some help from Mom and Dad Barton. Days one and two were demolition days! On day 1 (Monday), after breaking into our own home because we forgot to bring both sets of keys, we tore down the dark wood paneling from the upstairs. Even though the walls were covered with glue, the place looked so much better without the panels. We then spent way too much scraping the glue off the walls to get them ready for painting.

Day 2 (Tuesday) was for tearing apart the basement. We ripped down even more dark, ugly paneling, and Nate knocked down some walls. Nate then tackled the tiles in the basement and has spent soooo many hours down there using his muscles to remove the nasty, old, nearly-invincible tiles from the cement floor. I went back to scraping and vacuuming up the disgusting bugs that love our bay window so much.

Wednesday consisted of more tile and glue scraping. We are now both expert scrapers in our respective fields unfortunately.

We had some help on Thursday and Friday from Nate’s parents. Some more scraping was involved. We emptied out the attic… apparently when you buy a foreclosure, lots of other people’s junk is included. We sorted and sorted and sorted, and found lots of junk and some trinkets and things that were worth keeping. Is any one interested in approximately 137 Christmas gift boxes or 107 old lady dresses and “jogging suits”? (Let’s just say we found some interesting things) Dad Barton and Nate fired up their chainsaws and cut up several fallen trees/branches. While they were busy being manly men, Mom Barton and I flattened all 137 Christmas boxes. Thank the Lord for Mom Barton’s cleaning skills because now our bathroom is almost usable!

Saturday and Saturday included my first attempt at spackling. Nate, again, had to scrape tiles. Monday… more of the same.

We’re almost ready to rip up the carpets upstairs and start painting! We have a lot of work ahead of us but we’re getting there!

(I promise not to write so much next time… if any one made it through reading all this, look at the pictures below!)


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7 thoughts on “Spring Break… or Spring Labor Camp

  1. First of all, you writing a blog is…well, not like you. I like it! Also, Nate’s growing out his hair….interesting. And also, this is so cool and exciting! Hopefully you will bond over all of the stuff you have to do to it!!
    P.S. Are you actually living there?

    • laura,

      i know it’s not like me… i just couldn’t think of a better way to share what’s going on without posting 8 million pictures to facebook. which is just plain annoying.

      also, nate’s hair is so long because we just don’t make time to cut it. haha, there is always something else more important to do.

      also, thanks 🙂 we’re excited too.

      plus, i miss you!

  2. Jenn on said:

    Thanks for keeping us updated! Have fun. It will be so worth it when you are done…and I hope your husband isn’t too much like mine, because as soon as you finish that house he’ll want to buy another one and start over again!!!

  3. Courtney on said:

    So fun! I’m so glad you are doing this, I want to see all the progress! But you are missing a picture of the outside of the house! That is my request, please 🙂

  4. Aunt Kathi on said:

    I think the NASCAR sticker window on the front door is funny. Did you put it there? 😉

  5. C’mon, Beck…I’m ready for more pictures! Or am I just gonna have to drive down to see it? 🙂

    Aunt Kathi

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