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Galxy Note 8 Tablet

I’d like to win a tablet:


Kitchen Finale

Here it is: the long-awaited kitchen remodel finale! (well, almost finale… is any room EVER completely finished?)

Before pictures to show what the kitchen looked like when we bought house followed by the after pictures:

We’ll be back with side-by-side comparisons of original states and final products of all the rooms in the house!

Kitchen Counters

Nate’s handiwork really shows in this project. The house originally had off-white laminate counters with a huge hole cut out for the range. Nate bought quarter-sawn white oak from a local guy who has a woodshop and kiln dryer in his backyard! …and we ended up with GORGEOUS hardwood countertops!


Putting up the banister… extremely difficult and tedious! Good thing Nate’s so skilled 🙂


Kitchen Floor

Re-doing the kitchen floor: ripping up 2 layers of ugly, stained vinyl laminate flooring and particle board; laying new plywood, hardie backer, and radiant heat; and laying brand new tiles!

Walls, cabinets, nightstands, oh my!

As I sat here tonight watching the stink bugs surround me, plotting their final attack (or just trying to get near the lights), I realized it has (yet again) been a LONG time since I posted an update. So, here you go, some more pictures of our in-the-works, “shaping up”, completely-DIY kitchen remodel. Soon to come: the railing and banister!

Kitchen Remodel continued…

The kitchen remodel has been ongoing since after Thanksgiving. We’re getting there! (things can take a while when the 2 people doing 98% of the work both work full time and they’re not getting paid for their labor!) We’ve put in a lot of time and it feels like these pictures don’t do it justice… here’s a bit of an update:

Around the House

Here’s a slideshow of other updates we’ve done. I put them all together in a slideshow because I haven’t been able to keep up with updating it all the time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tearing Down the Walls

Now that most of the house is up to par, we’re moving on to our first big remodeling project: opening up the kitchen and living room to make the kitchen feel bigger and to make the rooms more open. I am SO excited for this.

Here are the general plans: open up the living room wall between the stairs and the living room, making the kitchen wall into a half-wall complete with a breakfast bar, tiling the floor, tiling the counters, painting the cabinets, opening up the door between the kitchen and the dining room… and more!

Nate is really enjoying planning and carrying out the project and I am really enjoying dreaming about what it will look like while playing surgeon’s assistant. Last week Nate ripped down the drywall on the walls we were going to remove. This past weekend, Steve, Nate’s GCC friend, came to visit and they set out to remove the living room wall and put up the header, an OLD, weathered beam that washed up on shore by Dad’s hatchery. Nate and Steve worked and worked and worked… and then lifted the HUGE beam up against the ceiling. It’s great to have some strong men around to make our house look awesome! We are so thankful for Steve’s help; couldn’t have done it without him.

Here are some pictures of the process:

Our Home… should’ve been post 1!

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